Kaiwen Zhou

This is Kaiwen Zhou, a second-year Ph.D student at the University of California, Santa Cruz working with Prof. Xin (Eric) Wang. I recieved my bachelor degree in statistics from Zhejiang University.

Research interest

I’m interested in problems on improving the performance and promoting the application of AI, with an emphasis on multi-modal and embodied AI problems.


  • Our SlugJARVIS team won the third place in first-ever Amazon Alexa SimBot challenge! (06/2023)
  • Our ESC paper is accepted by ICML 2023!(04/2023)
  • I will join Honda Research Institute as research intern this spring and summer!(04/2023)
  • Our paper FedVLN is accepted by ECCV 2022!(07/2022)
  • We are ranking No.1 in Alexa Prize SimBot Public Benchmark Challenge!(04/2022)
  • I will join Samsung AI center as research intern this summer!(04/2022)


ESC: Exploration with Soft Commonsense Constraints for Zero-shot Object Navigation
Kaiwen Zhou, Kaizhi Zheng, Connor Pryor, Yilin Shen, Hongxia Jin, Lise Getoor, Xin Eric Wang
ICML 2023
[Paper] [Website]

FedVLN: Privacy-preserving Federated Vision-and-Language Navigation
Kaiwen Zhou, Xin Eric Wang
ECCV 2022
[Paper] [Source]

JARVIS: A Neuro-Symbolic Commonsense Reasoning Framework for Conversational Embodied Agents
Kaizhi Zheng, Kaiwen Zhou, Jing Gu, Yue Fan, Jialu Wang, Zonglin Li, Xuehai He, Xin Eric Wang

Navigation as the Attacker Wishes? Towards Building Byzantine-Robust Embodied Agents under Federated Learning
Yunchao Zhang, Zonglin Di, Kaiwen Zhou, Cihang Xie, Xin Eric Wang

Honors & Awards

  1. Outstanding graduate in Zhejiang University. 2021


I like working out and singing after work, which I’ve been done for a long time. I also like hiking and traveling.